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Welcome to the WFYC Podcast! The World Federation of Youth Clubs is excited to announce the transformation of our engaging webcasts into an immersive podcast experience – introducing “Youth Development Beyond Borders”.

As we transition our informative and interactive Webcasts into a podcast series, Youth Development Beyond Borders continues to inform, engage, and inspire action, now in a format that allows you to tune in anytime, anywhere.

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Our ongoing series remains dedicated to providing valuable insights, fostering connections, and offering solutions to the pressing challenges faced by youth organizations. Our ongoing series remains dedicated to providing valuable insights, fostering connections, and offering solutions to the pressing challenges faced by our WFYC Affiliate Members.

Exclusive live Q&A Sessions and Watch Parties are available on the 3rd Thursday for Affiliate Members only at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (UTC-4). Monthly episodes are publicly released on Monday following in video and audio formats. Please note that while the podcast is primarily in English, a Spanish translation will be available for our diverse audience. Experience the same informative discussions, but now with the flexibility of a podcast, featuring subject-matter experts and experienced youth-development professionals from across the globe. Join us on this exciting journey as we leverage our network and collective knowledge to bring forward solutions and empower youth development on a global scale. Subscribe, share, and be part of the conversation as we break down borders and pave the way for a brighter future in Youth Development Beyond Borders.

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Recent webcasts can be viewed here, or you can find the WFYC Webcasts playlist on YouTube.

Big changes are on the horizon! Our webcasts are transitioning, and we’re thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking podcast series, “Youth Development Beyond Borders” (YDBB). This dynamic shift replaces our webcasts, offering a fresh approach to exploring youth development globally.

As we embark on this new chapter, you can still revisit the valuable insights from our past webcasts. Access the archives here or find the WFYC Webcasts playlist on YouTube to relive those informative sessions.

Join us in the podcast era! Stay tuned for the first episode of YDBB, where we’ll continue to inform, engage, and inspire action within our community. Thank you for your continued support as we shape the future of youth development together!