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What is an Affiliate?

The WFYC team is privileged to stand alongside our Affiliate Members to support and encourage leaders as they operate youth clubs all around the world.

Our Affiliate Members work diligently to provide safe spaces for underserved youth all around the world. Affiliate Members are youth clubs, run by vetted volunteers and staff, offering leadership, guidance, programs, sports, homework assistance, and more.

Members must meet specific criteria in order to join WFYC. As an Affiliate Member, you have access to resources, education, and support designed specifically for you to make your work simpler, more productive, and impactful as you serve youth. 

Affiliate Membership Benefits Include:

· Personalized Technical Assistance

· Access to a network of Peer Organizations

· WFYC Annual International Conference

· Virtual and on-site Training

· Digital Content and Engagement  

· Brand Enhancement

· Access to Tools and Resources

· Eligible for Mini-challenge Grants

· Connections to Funders

· Global Recognition opportunities

Member benefits extend to your employees, staff, and volunteers within your organization

Our Affiliate Members

Ntshegetse ke go Tshegetse Organisation


Ntshegetse ke go Tshegetse Organisation’s mission is to see youth become responsible members of society through mentorship, empowerment, and support while creating support structures for the vulnerable, elderly community.

Reussir Ma Scolarité


This NGO assists children through educational enrichment activities. Their goal is facilitating education for all youth.


Boys and Girls Club of Ghana


The Boys and Girls Club of Ghana operates across four branches: Gomoa Dogo, Ekumfi, Anomabo, and Bortianor. Currently, BGC Ghana is located in 41 schools, serving over 2,000 youth. The organization uses volunteers to assist children in their homework, organize evening and vacation classes to enable them to perform well at the junior high school levels. Professor Patricia Essilfie, the founder of the Boys and Girls Club of Ghana, said the aim is to be a lifeline or learning coach to school children and youth to pursue their passion, provide them with tools to learn, and the freedom to grow. The organization works with children, youth, families, and communities. Members are guided by the following values: higher academic achievements, career development, leadership, character development, arts and cultural development, health and life skills, sports, fitness, and recreation.

The Boys and Girls Club of Liberia


The Boys and Girls Clubs of Liberia (BGCLBR) provides youth with a secure facility to learn and develop into responsible citizens through life-changing programs and character-building experiences. BGCLBR was formally organized and legally registered in Louisville, KY as a non-profit corporation in the Republic of Liberia. In 2017, the Boys and Girls Club of Liberia (BGCLBR) reached more than 300 Liberian children and youths in two counties in Liberia, namely Montserrado and Bong. The Boys and Girls Club of Liberia – Gaye Town continues to grow in membership. There are also four BGCLBR Clubs-in-progress in Gbarnga, Bong County, Nickley Town, Lower Johnsonville, Clay-Ashland, and Lakpasee, Montserrado County.


Youth Challenge Africa


Youth Challenge Africa is a youth development agency providing educational support, sports, English language training, environmental, biannual health screenings, and music training in Rwanda.


City of Hope Mission


City of Hope Mission is a Salesian-run NGO focuses on issues of sexual/gender-based protection in the most severely impoverished parts of Lusaka. Program areas include educational assistance, health, and shelter for at-risk girls.


Boys and Girls Clubs of Senegal


Boys and Girls Clubs of Senegal is a global 501 (c)3 youth development organization, incorporated in Colorado, focusing on providing safe and positive spaces for children to learn, grow, and develop the skills they need to thrive as responsible citizens. We envision a future where children are educated, inspired, and empowered to realize their potentials and develop the skills they need to thrive as leaders of tomorrow. Our mission is to advance STEM education while providing safe, accepting, and inclusive environments for everyone, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

Sports & Leadership Academy


Sports and Leadership Academy 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organization forms partnerships with various local high schools and technical schools and serves as a platform for the training and conditioning of their student-athletes. Furthermore, we will be providing space for academic tutoring of the student athletes. With due emphasis on academic excellence and moral courage, Sports and Leadership Academy sets a standard of ethical and academic standards for continued access to our facilities and programs.

Manchester Police Youth Club Council


The Police Youth Club Movement is an age-old structure that has been providing guidance and support to inner-city community’s island wide through community-based policing. Through this movement persons have developed personalized skills and attributes that aid them in the world of work and in their educational pursuits.

The Boys and Girls Club of South Africa


Boys & Girls Club of South Africa operates facility-based after-school programs for school-aged young people. The Club offers a variety of activities in 5 different program areas designed to meet the interests and needs of members.

A Boys & Girls Club is more than just a place for kids to play and learn. It’s a safe haven that provides activities and experiences that enrich the lives of young people creating opportunities and expectations that teach valuable life skills to rely on throughout life.

The Club involves young boys and girls in programs and activities that build self-esteem and self-worth. They learn the values of responsibility and respect in a supportive environment, free of pressure and stress. Clubs empower children to make wise and educated life choices. In this age of teen alcohol use, drugs, and violence, we work to help create model citizens and productive members of society.

Petros Zoe Initiative


The Petros Zoe Initiative is to promote the strengths and abilities of youth by providing life skills that empower each to face life’s challenges with confidence, competence, and dignity. Petros Zoe began as a Community Based Organization (CBO) that was founded by Hannah and Martin Mugonyi in August 2017. It was created in response to the lack of support and guidance for the teenage population in the Mugonyi’s community. In August 2018, one year after the establishment of Petros Zoe, a new partner named Erin Hogan from the United States came on board for the next chapter of the organization. Petros Zoe is now a registered NGO in Uganda and the United States and is growing and expanding daily.

Twezimbe Africa


Twezimbe Africa works to end generational poverty in the community of Kireka, Uganda through teaching children, empowering women, equipping young adults, improving the community, and changing lives with the hope of the gospel of Christ. Twezimbe began as an outreach of New Life Baptist Church, in Uganda. The church leaders had intentionally chosen to have their church meet in the slums of Kireka, to be able to reach out to the most impoverished in their community. In 2016, Twezimbe started offering wood-working classes to young men and women living in the slums of Kireka. Since then, the organization has been expanded to include teaching culinary skills and hairdressing.

ZimRights Association


Zimbabwe Human Rights Association’s (ZimRights) mission uses a grassroots approach in promoting, protecting, and defending people’s rights through education, information, legal aid, counseling, lobbying, advocacy, and networking within the country. Its objectives include the ratification and domestication of regional and international instruments, the strengthening of corporate governance principles in the organization, promoting human rights awareness and respect for all, with special emphasis on marginalized groups, and networking with local, regional, and international human rights organizations with similar objectives. One of the most prominent human rights organizations in the country, the ZimRights was formed in 1992 for the sole purpose of ensuring that Zimbabweans are informed of their rights as citizens and are equipped with the knowledge to defend those rights. The organization has offices in all regions of the country.

Nkwashi Foundation


Nkwashi Foundation is a non-governmental organization, founded in Zambia , Africa, registered in 2020. It was formed by Bishop Konsolo Ephraim Chinyama. The organization is focused on helping vulnerable people come out of reduce their suffering by meeting their needs and helping them to discover how to remove their problems. Some of the activities include small scale feeding for orphans and the elderly, teaching youths good morals, and providing sports events to take young people away from immoral activities

Clubs de Niños y Niñas de Centro America

El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

Boys and Girls Clubs of Central America’s top priorities are the safety and wellbeing of its members. Through effective programming, delivered by caring adults, Club members have a safe and positive place to go, during the critical hours of the day. Currently, the organization serves 700 youth members across 9 locations, delivering a range of programs. Boys and Girls Clubs of Central America models itself after the best Youth Development organization in the world. With the guidance and training of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, we offer effective programming, train our staff and volunteers, and live up to the standards of an organization that prides itself in its transparency and over 150 years of Youth Development experience.


The Boys and Girls Club of El Salvador


Boys and Girls Clubs of El Salvador is part of Clubs de Niños y Niñas de Centro America (Boys and Girls Clubs of Central America), and part of a network of Youth Clubs, focused on improving the realities of youth, families, and communities. The Clubs in El Salvador are located in remote areas, where prevention is key, and the efforts made are community-based to help families struggling with poverty, access to education access health care, and other factors. The Clubs offer a safe and positive place, where caring adults make the time to provide tutoring, games, sports, nutrition programs.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Honduras


The Boys and Girls Club of Central Honduras (BCGCH) gathers 9 separated clubs in the central area of Honduras. It started with the initiative of True Life Church (Tennessee) and Ms. Jessica Page. The organization serves over 400 kids and teenagers every week in the communities of Talanga, Rio Dulce, La Ermita, Carrizal, Mata de Plátano, Casillas, Zarzalosa, and 2 in the capital city of Honduras: Tegucigalpa. Because of Honduras’ economic situation, over 80% of the kids are poor or with low resources and/or opportunities, so the club is a great resource; they get to play and share with their friends, have a snack or meal, and receive mentorship from Club volunteers.

Mission Clubs Boys & Girls Club


Mission Clubs is an International Boys and Girls Club program that serves students ages 6-18 in an after-school environment. The club provides structured programming including Homework Help, English, Art, Music, STEM, Sports, Bible Study, and Youth Development Specialists to help with goal setting. In addition to traditional Boys and Girls Club programming, we also provide a hot meal and transportation to and from the students’ schools and homes. Wrap-around services are also provided to the families of our students through partners. Boys and Girls Club Caisan in Panama started with 30 students in July 2017. The club has now grown to 100 students coming in for two sessions per day, serving both elementary and middle school students.

4-H Worldwide


4‑H is delivered by Cooperative Extension—a community of more than 100 public universities across the nation that provides experiences where young people learn by doing. For more than 100 years, 4‑H has welcomed young people of all beliefs and backgrounds, giving kids a voice to express who they are and how they make their lives and communities better. In 4‑H programs, 6 million kids and teens complete hands-on projects in areas like health, science, agriculture, and civic engagement in a positive environment where they receive guidance from adult mentors and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico (B&GCPR) offers children and youth the hope of a better future and the opportunities for them to develop to their fullest potential. A non-profit organization with more than 50 years of service that has impacted the lives of more than 70,000 children and youth since founded. B&GCPR provides after school programs and services to children and teenagers ages 6 to 18. Providing a safe and creative space where we develop children and youth, so they can become leaders who achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals. We provide the necessary tools to create and/or obtain a satisfactory job that will allow them to reach economic security.

Club de Niños y Niñas de Mexico


Club de Niños y Niñas de Mexico continue to engage their Club members (socios), with creative virtual programs, video highlights, and when possible, engage them with materials. Clubs de Niños y Niñas de Mexico serves nearly 3,500 youth annually, with after-school programs in safe and positive spaces. There are currently 12 Clubs throughout the country, more under construction and some in the planning stages. Club de Niños y Niñas de Mexico is a network of Clubs throughout Mexico with facilities in the following locations: Tijuana Nuevo Laredo, San Luis Potosi, Rosarito, Hidalgo, Nogales, Navojoa, Mexico City, and Los Cabos. Club de Niños y Niñas Nuevo León was awarded 1st place of Human Rights in the México North Area year 2019. This award is granted to people and organizations that have had an outstanding and positive impact on the promotion of Human Rights in México.

Club de Niños y Niñas de Neiva


Boys and Girls Club of Neiva serves an incredibly unique community. Their focus is on the arts, education, and activities. The organization works with underserved communities and pride itself in providing services that are unique to the community and Colombia as a whole.

Club instructors work with youth and young adults who need programming the most. Some of our members come from very disadvantaged homes, with low socioeconomic status. Another group the Club serves, are those with special needs. Some of our members meet both criteria, making our work even more rewarding. On a regular basis, we focus on providing our members with opportunities to highlight their talents and to raise their self-esteem and abilities.

Chenxing Educational Center


Chenxing after-school education group was established in 2018 in Changsha, China. Chenxing is a large-scale education group dedicated to K-12 students’ academic and artistic training, study tour, education center development, and other supporting facilities to the schools. It owns Hunan Xiaoqi Education Investment Management Co., Ltd., Changsha Hanjun training school, and Changsha Fengyi Education Consulting Co., Ltd.

At Chenxing, children study in a fun and completely immersive English environment, which will stimulate their interest in learning. Chenxing not only develops children’s academic skills, but also trains them to understand the logic, cultural nuances, and thinking methods behind those skills. In addition, Chenxing focuses on cultivating children’s leadership skills including teamwork, presentation, project management, problem solving, and creativity.

With the motto of “Actions Speak Louder than Words”, Chenxing is committed to cultivating global citizens who will thrive in today’s world and become tomorrow’s leaders.

Hope for the Heart Society


Hope for the Heart Society  (HHS) is a registered not for profit social service organization working to uplift the children in India with the motto “smile and serve”.   HHS purpose is to support children in the fields of sports, game, education, health and skill enhancement of children and youth. HHS started as a simple and small step for the children who do not get a chance due to financial problems or no proper guidance. HHS stands for children in these situations and by this way the children, which did not grow their future in the absence of education and proper guidance, can now think about his/her future. This is a big chance for children and youth, which is made possible by enhancing the skills of children and youth.

Andros Boys & Girls Clubs


Boys & Girls Clubs of Andros, Bahamas, provides safe and fun places for youth to learn and grow through academics, health, and leadership programs, provided by caring mentors who coach, guide, and motivate them toward success.


YEP Youth Empowerment Program


YEP is the only free, year-round, youth-based program in the BVI. The organization has been providing after-school and out-of-school programs for children ages 8-15 for over 12 years. As a non-profit organization, YEP depends upon community support to keep its doors open. Over the past decade, YEP has served over 3,500 children with the hopes of expanding centers/clubs across the British Virgin Islands.

YEP aims to provide a safe haven for children. This allows parents the peace of mind knowing their child is supervised and engaged by trained professionals. By providing opportunities that engage “yeppies” during the critical after-school and out-of-school times we ensure that they are redirected away from youth-related crimes and potentially harmful habits. With a consistent average monthly enrollment of 83 children year-round, and over 140 during the summer months, YEP has remained the preferred youth program in the British Virgin Islands.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Haiti


Information coming soon!


Boys & Girls Clubs of Haiti – Montrouis


The Boys and Girls Club of Montrouis Haiti Inc., in partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, opened their first club in August 2018. They currently serve 83 children and employ 15 staff members and a 24-hour security guard. Children enjoy after-school activities which include homework assistance, music, dance, arts & crafts, sports, and an afternoon meal. The organization is committed to the premise that children around the globe deserve a good start and a solid foundation to flourish and succeed. They provide training and opportunities to young people and a safe place where they can learn and grow to their fullest potential. The Club strives to give all youth the resources within our power through education, skill set programs, and ongoing support so they can successfully grow into responsible model citizens.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Quisqueya-Haiti


Information coming soon!


St. Andrew North Police Youth Clubs


The Police Youth Club Movement is an age-old structure that has been providing guidance and support to inner-city community’s island wide through community-based policing. Through this movement persons have developed personalized skills and attributes that aid them in the world of work and in their educational pursuits.



St. Croix U.S. Virgin Island


Information coming soon!


The Boys and Girls Club of Trinidad and Tobago


In Trinidad & Tobago sports and school are important. Soccer is the sport of choice, keeping boys and girls involved in positive activities and away from harmful behaviors. All young people attending the Club must maintain strong academic achievement to participate in programs. This type of personal accountability has helped young people think of consequences and better outcomes for their lives. The Clubs’ soccer program has galvanized the entire community. Parents can now see that their children are involved in positive programs, that promote healthy lifestyles, character, leadership, and academics.

Field of Life


The mission of Field of Life is to help young people ages 6-17 by providing kids and adolescents the tools and guidance they need to explore their talents and interests, develop skills, grow in character, and reach for their dreams.

Kabarondo Ngwino Mwana


This NGO assists young mothers and their children with life skills training and training that encourages independent living and decision making.

Edu Act Organization


The two highlights of the year were the Universe Storytelling event and the coding event. We try our best with children, inviting them to know more about fundamental knowledge focused on science and technology while aiming to raise the desire for this area of science. The Universe Storytelling event had a great impact on our country. Kids were involved in different stories about the universe, they took part in discussions, and had a time of creation and drawings. At the end of the activity, we presented our next plan to the kids, preparing them for short films about the universe. This initiative invoked the pupils’ contests about who would discuss the planets, specifically the Earth’s planet. In the presence of local media as well as in close cooperation with elementary school teachers, it will be possible to create an Astro club at the school. This will be an opportunity to share and impact the society around us. This first event has been a success and we believe that these kinds of activities encourage pupils to love science and our planet.

The Boys and Girls Club of Hungary


Boys and Girls Club of Hungary (BGCH) is the first European sister club of the Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA). We have also been granted the rights to use the topic- and age-specific curricula they have developed. The BGC English Program for Hungarian children is solely available in English with native English speakers who work collaboratively with the Hungarian afternoon teachers. That is how it fully integrates into the Hungarian education system. From this, it follows that, besides skill development, the primary goal of the BGC English Program is to effectively teach English in a native environment. In Hungary, the BGC English Program currently operates in five public educational institutions. Almost thirty teachers, from multiple different native English backgrounds, deliver our curriculum. At present, this means the development of 750 children aged between 3 and 14 years. To our greatest joy, this figure is continuously increasing.

Society Biliki


Society Biliki is a local non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in May 1997 in the Shida Kartli region of Georgia to work with disadvantaged populations. Biliki’s mission is to increase the capacity of youth, the community, and civil society to be actively involved in and influence decision-making processes at the local governmental level. Biliki primarily works with children from low-income families in Gori (6-18 age), IDP families, Shida Kartli (region) schools, and State care.

Biliki runs programs in the following four areas: Child Care Program – we create a family environment for children under state care who do not have the opportunity to live in alternative care (return to/live in biological family, fostering, adoption). Community Development Program – we enhance local community opportunities for the welfare of community members. Civic Education Program – we raise civic awareness in youth and adults and help them to be active citizens by providing civic education to teachers and students, and through Civic Clubs. Volunteerism – we support the development of a culture of volunteerism in Georgian youth. This is a four-month program for young specialists to learn about the nonprofit sector and gain skills to help in their careers. Biliki has accreditation of European Voluntary Service since 2013 and has cooperated with Peace Corps since 2006.

Republic of Georgia


Information coming soon!


Boys and Girls Clubs of the UK


The Boys and Girls Clubs of the United Kingdom’s mission statement is to assist and support county organizations and local clubs to provide safe and exciting places for young people, where they can participate in a range of activities and develop their potential through a range of experiences. They believe by supporting member clubs and county organizations, together the organization will be able to provide young people with an attractive, affordable, and planned program of activities and events; a safe place to learn and grow, and on-going voluntary relationships with local clubs and county organizations. Clubs operate a network of 22 Country and County Members, 3,000 Youth Clubs & Projects, using 15,000 Volunteers, and 300,000 Youth Served.

The Club promotes a common ethos, set of values, and club-based programs across the country and into local Boys & Girls Clubs; they respond to and support local need; they value and seek to learn from our common history and heritage in the Boys & Girls Clubs movement and operate as a membership organization.

Wellness Worldwide’s Kabul Camp Children’s Center


The mission of Wellness Worldwide’s Kabul Camp Children’s Center is to provide an environment that fosters social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth for children in conflict zones. Kabul Camp is a refugee camp located in Nangharhar province, eastern Afghanistan. It is home to 5,000 families with an approximate population of 25,000-35,000. To address the needs of these refugee children, the organization developed a comprehensive two-part project. The first part of our project is aimed at teaching internally displaced children literacy, mathematics skills, and supporting their social and emotional development. The second part of our project is targeted towards addressing the health care of the children and their families. The children’s center will include educational activities in addition to activities that include participation in playground playtime, sports, and games which aid in the children’s social and emotional development.

Hiran Youth Council


Hiran Youth Council (HYC) is a youth organization that provides a platform for empowering young people, women, and communities in large through civil education, Sports and community development, Humanitarians Aid, peace building and good governance.

“[The WFYC’s] professional support has greatly helped me to become a better leader and our organization to serve our club kids at the highest level.” 

Monika Horvath – Director of Boys and Girls Clubs of Hungary  

“No matter the language, region or size of our home country, we are all in this together and the WFYC brings us even closer.”

Stacy Mathers – Executive Director of Youth Empowerment Program BVI 

“It is amazing to be part of such a close community that is entirely focused on improving the lives of youth all around the world.”  

Erin Hogan – Director of Petros Zoe Initiative 

“Thanks to WFYC, the Senegal Club is providing safe and creative spaces for children to learn and grow as productive and caring citizens.”  

Natty Loeschke – Founder & President of Boys & Girls Clubs of Senegal