Hidalgo, Mexico

Since joining the Club de Niños y Niñas de México, Delegación Hidalgo, A.C. in 2016, Elliot has grown in both his confidence in himself and in his talent in art. As a younger Club member, Elliot is very introverted but has learned to express himself through his art. He learned to create art with paint, pencils, clay, and plastic, and now participates in contests and produces merchandise to support his family through tough financial times. Elliot has distinguished himself through his skill and his sensitivity as he uses his talents to serve others. As a Club member, Elliot shares his knowledge with his peers and has come out of his shell as he enters the sixth grade. Elliot continues to develop his skills as he finds his voice and is now nominated as a Promise Awards Finalist. Learn more about Club de Niños y Niñas de México, Delegación Hidalgo : https://clubdeninosyninashgo.org/