To develop, enhance and advance global youth organizations that provide a positive environment and a safe place for young people around the world.


No change of brand needed as we seek only to enhance your current brand, mission and anything that helps young people around the globe.

Simple Advancement and Enhancement Member agreement that will outline what we intend to provide and how we can help enhance your existing and future work.

Possible pass-thru funding – mini-challenge grants

Opening doors for your organization/s with individuals, corporations, foundations and others who are interested in helping advance youth development work in your area of the world

Engagement and colloboration with a vast network of youth development professionals around the world.

Best practice sharing of proven programs and practices

International conference and opportunities to share/present and pick up valuable information

Onsite and virtual training

Global recognition opportunities for staff, youth, programs and organizations

Potential scholarship funds for organization youth

Extremely affordable dues structure (no organization is turned away for financial reasons)

Personalized “assessment services” and “technical assistance” support in areas that are most impactful for you and/or your affiliates such as but not limited to:

  • Board Development
  • Staff Development
  • Finance and Administration
  • Resources Development
  • Marketing
  • Facilities
  • Programs and Measurement
  • Technology
  • Growth
  • Strategic Planning
  • Outcomes and Measurement

The bigger our network, the more we can serve.

Join us as we create one of the most impactful Youth Development “Support Service” organizations in the World.