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Petros Zoe Initiative

Petros Zoe Initiative is a registered nonprofit organization in Uganda and the United States and is growing and expanding daily.

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: Raising a community of self-driven, responsible and economically powered youth.

Mission: To promote the strengths and abilities of youth by providing life skills that empower each to face life’s challenges with confidence, competence and dignity.


We accomplish our mission and vision through the following program:


Vocational Institute:

The rate of unemployed and uneducated youth in Uganda is very high. In response to this, the Petros Zoe Vocational Institute was created. We are an accredited institute under the Directorate of Industrial training under the Ministry of Education and Sports. We offer several courses including tailoring, hair dressing, cosmetology, cosmetics manufacture, leatherworks, catering, adult literacy and information technology. We are also adding plumbing, masonry, and auto mechanics very soon. All of our students are also enrolled in a business management and financial literacy course to help them become successful business owners after graduation.

Community Outreach:

We believe in a comprehensive approach to community transformation. We strive for the young people in our program to have an appreciation and respect for God, themselves, and their community. Every Sunday afternoon, we meet with a group of over 100 children and teens for a time of recreation and life coaching and discipleship.

We have established three football teams and two dance teams (traditional and contemporary) and plan to add more activities in the future. Our hope is that by providing space for the youth to engage in positive, team building activities that they will shy away from negative, destructive ones. At the end of our recreation time, we end with time to discuss God, goals, character building, etc.

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Community Service:

All of the youth in our programs (both within the institute and our community outreach) are required to engage in community service activities. These include well clean ups, trade center clean ups, medical camps and tree planting. We believe this instills a sense of belonging, responsibility and respect for their local communities.