The two highlights of the year were the Universe storytelling event and coding event. We try our best with children, inviting them to knowing more about fundamental knowledge focused on science and technology aiming to raise the desire for this section of science. The activity of universe storytelling had a great impact into our country. Kids were involved in different stories about Universe, they took part in discussion, they had their time of creation and drawings, and in the end of the activity there was present our next plan to the kids, in preparing little actors in short films about the Universe. This initiative invoked the pupils’ contests who would discuss the planets, specifically the Earth’s planet, which should be protected by children. In the presence of local media as well as in close cooperation with elementary school teachers, it will be possible to create Astro club at school, there will be possible to share and impact the society around us. This first event has really been a success and we believe that this kind of activities invite pupils to love more the science and our planet at all.