Rick & Susan Goings

Rick & Susan Goings are our CoFounders! Their commitment and passion for supporting youth and those who serve them is immeasurable.  Over the years, Rick & Susan have made their presence felt, supporting financially, with guidance and in person, wherever Youth need them most. Thank you for making the World Federation of Youth Clubs possible!

Pacific Youth Foundation

The Pacific Youth Foundation, through their generous support, are assisting in making projects possible. Through their support, the World Federation of Youth Clubs has had the opportunity to support Community Projects around the world!  Now local Youth Clubs can make additional projects possible, enhancing the experience of those they serve!  Thank you Pacific Youth Foundation!

Walter and Karla Goldschmidt Foundation

The Walter and Karla Goldschmidt Foundation, which aims to serve society by encouraging and promoting education, health, art, music, and the betterment of social welfare.  The WFYC appreciates the Foundation’s support and takes pride in supporting their mission through our International work. 

Warmenhoven Family Foundation

BCM Families Foundation

The bigger our network, the more we can serve.

Join us as we create one of the most impactful Youth Development “Support Service” organizations in the World.