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January 2021 Newsletter

A Message from Mark…
Perseverance absent purpose is unproductive. It creates an illusion of accomplishment only to rediscover inertia on the other side of a tumultuous period, along with depleted resources and energy.  

December 2020 Newsletter

A Message from Susan…
How big is your dream? Does it inspire and encourage you? Embolden you? Energize you? Does it motivate others to join your cause?  

November 2020 Newsletter

A message from Rick…
Gratitude is a gift that deserves more attention. Each November begins the official season of thankfulness and gratitude. 

October Newsletter

October 2020 Newsletter

A message from Glenn…
I’ve been thinking a lot about resiliency lately for obvious reasons. I doubt that I am alone because many of you, our WFYC Affiliate leaders, are currently grappling with uncertainty. I have heard this sentiment directly and sensed it during our time together, during these past six months.