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June 2021 Newsletter

A Message from Glenn…

WFYC is committed to helping our Affiliate Members achieve better youth outcomes. Strong outcomes are critical to the youth you serve and the long-term success of your organization.

May 2021 Newsletter

A Message from Jose…

At only six-years-old, Angel already knew what it meant to struggle. His family often collected clothing and food from dumpsters and he rarely knew where his next meal was coming from.

April 2021 Newsletter

A Message from Dawn…
The impact of climate change in youth development can be easily overlooked, when in fact climate change represents a major threat to the health and socio-economic stability of youth around the world.

March 2021 Newsletter

A Message from Mark…
Globally, there is no single model for governance within the international charitable sector. The term “non-profit” is uniquely western, and whether you’re considered a civic social organization (CSO), non-governmental organization (NGO), or not-for-profit organization (NPO), there are universally accepted principles for governing that apply across the world even if the structures vary.

February 2021 Newsletter

Our conference highlights

January 2021 Newsletter

A Message from Mark…
Perseverance absent purpose is unproductive. It creates an illusion of accomplishment only to rediscover inertia on the other side of a tumultuous period, along with depleted resources and energy.  

December 2020 Newsletter

A Message from Susan…
How big is your dream? Does it inspire and encourage you? Embolden you? Energize you? Does it motivate others to join your cause?  

November 2020 Newsletter

A message from Rick…
Gratitude is a gift that deserves more attention. Each November begins the official season of thankfulness and gratitude. 

October Newsletter

October 2020 Newsletter

A message from Glenn…
I’ve been thinking a lot about resiliency lately for obvious reasons. I doubt that I am alone because many of you, our WFYC Affiliate leaders, are currently grappling with uncertainty. I have heard this sentiment directly and sensed it during our time together, during these past six months.