Mariam Namulondo

Mukono, Uganda

As the Director of the Chadashah Teenage Pregnancy Center at the Petros Zoe Initiative, Mariam Namulondo is a pillar of hope to the young mothers who enter the program. The pregnancy center empowers young women to take bold steps towards a new start with their babies and have a more sustainable and healthy life. Mariam ensures that each mother in the program has comprehensive prenatal care, housing and meals, vocational training, counseling, and resettlement support. In her role overseeing the functionality and growth of the center, Mariam creates a home for the girls and supports them in their motherhood journey. Her devotion to the program and young women is evident, with youth affectionately calling her “Mother Mariam”. With Mariam’s leadership and devotion the Chadashah Teenage Pregnancy Center has grown from a program serving 5 girls in 2020 to becoming a fully registered residential center with 38 teen mothers with their babies in 2022. Mariam has been nominated as a Promise Awards Finalist for her efforts to positively impact the lives of young women and children in Uganda! Learn more about Petroszoe Initiatitve: