Glenn Permuy – President

Glenn Permuy is an experienced manager and skillful arbitrator and facilitator with 50 years of experience in non-profit work. For twelve years (12), he served as Senior Vice President of Services to Clubs, at Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) where he supervised national staff in Atlanta as well as Regional Vice Presidents and their staff in six regional offices. Glenn led and coordinated major services that Boys & Girls Clubs of America provided to its 4400 local Clubs including Field Services, Military Services, Training and Professional Development, Program Services, Club Safety andDesign, Diversity, and Executive Development.

Glenn and his team expanded BGCA’s military partnership to now include six branches of the military, with over 460 Club sites worldwide. During his twelve years as Senior Vice President of Services to Clubs, Glenn coordinated the opening of more than 2,600 new Clubs and an increase in the overall effectiveness of Clubs nationwide and on military installations across the world.

While at BGCA, Permuy revised, expanded, and solidified the use of performance measurement and advancement tools, paved with way for Advanced Leadership Programs with two separate partnerships (Clemson University and The Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan).

Prior to serving at BGCA, Glenn served for twenty-one (21) years as the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay in Florida. The organization consisted of three units when he began his executive career in Tampa and he grew it to 16 sites before assuming his role with BGCA in 1997.

Best known for his practical and strategic problem solving approach with issues and challenges, today Glenn remains heavily involved providing guidance to individual non-profit sector leaders as well as serving as President of the World Federation of Youth Clubs (www.wfyc.org)

Jose A. Cruz – Director, Mission Advancement

Jose Cruz is a veteran of the non-profit world, with key focus on organizational enhancement and development. For nearly 30 years, Jose has launched and/or taken projects and organizations to the next level, with exceptional results. He began his career working with underserved youth, and quickly developed projects that were replicated at a national level.  His problem solving style, also led him to develop various Web based databases, which revolutionized how data was collected for California’s Public Health Departments. 

In addition to managing multimillion dollar projects, he has also secured millions in funding for the various non-profit and government organizations at which he has lent his talents. 

Jose has been a consultant for over 20 years, and has established expertise in various areas of business and non profit organizations.  While he has had success in various business endeavors, including a multi location technology company, and also served as Vice President for AllPlayers.com, an Web based activity based technology platform, for activity based organizations. His passion for Youth Development, continues to pull him in such direction. 

Jose has the responsibility to provide guidance, overseeing, recommending and supporting the launch of new and expanding existing Youth Clubs. As a Master Trainer, he has trained thousands of Youth Development professionals throughout the world, on key areas of youth, staff and organizational development.

Jose has a strong background working with diverse communities, often meeting with key business leaders, government officials and others, to provide guidance and support, with developing and implementing strategies for community strengthening. In addition, he works with the local organizations to help develop strategies to raise funds, and secure resources & sustainable partnerships.

Jose studied Bio-Chemistry and Sociology at California State University, San Bernardino.  He has received numerous certifications in areas of Technology, Training and Business, and has served as in instructor in numerous capacities. 

Prior to his current position, Jose served as Vice President, at AllPlayers.com, Director, International Support, Director, Family Strengthening and Director, Latino Outreach Initiatives for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. (www.wfyc.org)