Dimitris Giannakakis

Athens, Greece

As the Chief Operations Officer for Field of Life, Dimitris Giannakakis wears many hats. From strategic planning and program design to land acquisition, Dimitris has been instrumental in the organization’s development. Field of Life operates in Nikaia, Greece to provide safe spaces and opportunities for young people in underserved communities and seeks to inspire the next generation of youth to adopt healthy lifestyles and opportunities for the future. While Dimitris and his team work to build a physical Club space, Field of Life has creatively partnered with schools and parents to bring programming and support directly to communities in need. Launched in 2021, Field of Life’s Spoke Events provide a refuge and creative home for Greek youth. In his role, Dimitris provides guidance in the strategic planning and innovation of programming, and leads an executive management team responsible for the Field of Life Board of Directors. Dimitris takes great pride in his role, having been with the project since its inception. His work has helped in the success of Field of Life and will allow the organization to reach new heights in the future. Dimitris’ leadership, inspiration, and innovation has made him a Promise Awards Finalist. Field of Life is a project born of the shared vision of Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) Co-President Andreas Dracopoulos and basketball legend Panagiotis Giannakis to provide young people of Nikaia (Panagiotis’ birthplace) opportunities to grow and thrive.  Learn more:  https://www.snf.org/en/grants/field-of-life/