Mukono, Uganda

Annet has created a new life for herself and her son despite many obstacles. When she was referred to the Petros Zoe Teenage Pregnancy Center as a program participant, she learned about new opportunities available to her and saw a better way to raise her child. By enrolling in a tailoring course with the Petros Zoe Initiative, Annet found her expertise in tailoring and fashion and discovered an opportunity to start a successful career that will help her build a better life for her and her child. Today she is employed by the Petros Zoe Vocational Institute as an instructor and teaches other young women the skills they need to grow as tailors. Annet aspires to be the best bridal tailor in Uganda, and is raising her child while earning her own income and building a better life. Annet is nominated as a Promise Awards Finalist for her leadership and dedication to helping other young women create brighter futures for themselves. Learn more about Petroszoe Initiatitve: