Abubakar Kinene

Mukono, Uganda

Abubakar joined Petros Zoe Initiative as a youth Club member in 2019. He quickly became the captain of the Club’s football team, which has tripled in size since he joined. As a young leader, Abubakar has gone above and beyond for other young people in his community. In 2020, he founded the Petros Zoe Charity Club, which operates exclusively with youth volunteers to address sanitation and environmental issues in the community. His contributions to Petros Zoe have been recognized by the local government, and youth members of the Charity Club have found employment through their impactful work. Last year, Abubakar was elected Youth Chairman of his village, and he works to address key youth issues in his community around health, education, and crime reduction. Abubakar has now joined Petros Zoe as the Outreach Coordinator, a key staff position that engages youth in meaningful activities. Now operating in two villages with over 200 youth every week, Abubakar’s work has made a lasting and growing impact on Uganda in just a few short years. Abubakar is a vital contributor in the success of the Petros Zoe Initiative in Mukono, earning his nomination as a Promise Awards Finalist. Learn more about Petroszoe Initiatitve: https://www.petroszoe.org/