The roots of the World Federation of Youth Clubs (WFYC) go back over a decade. Originally, experienced professionals of Boys & Girls Clubs of America served as consultants and trainers for youth service organizations in other countries, reaching those young people outside the bounds of the BGCA’s area of service in the US.  In 2019, a formal transition took place with the creation of the WFYC to meet the growing demand from other countries wanting support services and technical assistance.  It had become apparent that a more intentional and focused approach was needed in order to close the gap. Clearly, initiating youth development support and expertise is needed globally, more today than ever before. The World Federation of Youth  Clubs, together with a host of partners that we call Collaborators for Good, has taken on this task, to provide the best services possible, in a personalized, dedicated and professional manner, so that no one feels alone.

WFYC’s services include, but are not limited to, vetting inquiries, providing “start-up”, “how-to steps” and “sustainability questions” to consider when moving forward. Through video conferences, emails, phone calls and occasional on the ground support, our team shares their expertise and experiences to assist country leaders. Helping these leaders think through key areas such as:

     local government’s involvement
     traditional or non-traditional facilities
     staffing and volunteer needs
     child safety
     board recruitment and development
     public and private local revenue sources
     financial accountability
     brand protection 

Additionally, access to program curriculums and materials, program training and helping leaders process the best ways to measure outcomes and impact are all valuable services offered to all our affiliates.



Focused on empowering Youth with Educational Programs, Career Options, Physical Activity Character Development and Most Importantly FUN!


Programs and Events geared towards highly engaging activities that allow for a Strong and United Community.


Family oriented activites aimed to create Strong Bonds and Unite Family members.


Clubs all over the World united to Empower Youth Advancement.